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Issue Background

Scope of Practice / Licensing

SPPAN Position

SPPAN monitors scope of practice policy proposals, but generally does not take a position on them. Because SPPAN’s partners represent a variety of professions that can find themselves at odds with respect to scope of practice issues, we feel that it is not in our best interest to choose sides in these discussions. SPPAN does advocate for integrative pain care, working so that all clinicians are reimbursed for the essential pain care they provide within their scope of practice.



Scope of Practice is a term used by professional licensing boards and other regulators to define the procedures, actions, and processes that are permitted for each licensed practitioner. The scope of practice is defined by state law and regulations, based on the provider’s specific education and experience, and on demonstrated competencies.

It is the responsibility of professional licensing boards to define scope of practice, but it is also vital that clinicians are adequately reimbursed for providing good pain care within their scope.